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How To Make People Think You're Smart

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Smart Links

IQ = 85

This is not the Smart Link that I mean

Add these links or links like these to your webpage, so people will get the idea that you are the productive type of person that visits these places ona regular basis. Links suggestions are followed by a basic response to seeing these links on your website.

Warning: Do not actually go to these websites, as they may cause confusion, and at the very worst cause you to start thinking, which may have grave consequences.

The Smart Links - "Wow, this person must be very enlightened and well-informed, and enjoys keeping up with the news. - "Wow, this person enjoys learning new words so much that he keeps the online dictionary somewhere handy. And since looking words up online is twice as time-consuming as using an actual dictionary, that just shows how dedicated this person is." - "Wow, this person knows how to look for a good deal, by dealing with online auctions and such."

How To Be Smart - "Wow, this person is so proud of his intelligence that he's showing others how to be smart as well."



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