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How To Make People Think You're Smart

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Smart People at a Glance

This is a breakdown of the categories of people that exist in the world. They are categorized by several factors, including how much they need a website like this, how well they'd understand a website like this, how many of them are in the world, etc.

The Good

The Good IQ = 13-100

People like this are the ones who use my teachings well. They are not very smart to begin with, but soon pick up the tricks of the trade, and learn to use my teachings well. These are the most common types of people in the world. They're the kind of people who become your manager. They're the kind of people who are quick to criticize you for being so much worse than them. They're the kind of people who are in such high authoritative positions that you wonder how they could have possibly attained that position short of sexual favors. If you are visiting this site,chances are you fit into this category. Examples include:

  • Lead actors in movies
  • Every US President after Jefferson
  • Supreme Courth Justices
  • Twins
  • Hosts of Family Feud
  • News anchors

The Bad

The Bad IQ = 1-12

These are the kinds of people do not use my teachings very well. Whether it be that they are too stubborn to take my help when they need it, or they aren't even eating solid foods, this category covers them all. My teachings are meant to accompany the basic ability to read at all. They also accompany the desire to improve one's capacity, which these people do not really desire, whether it be some life choice or birth defect. Maybe one day they'll come to realize that wisdom such as this is right at their fingertips, but for now I'll have to write them off. Examples include:

  • Journalists
  • Babies
  • Old people
  • College kids
  • Mimes

The Ugly

The Ugly IQ = 101 - 200

These are the worst of the worst. They have twisted the art of being smart into some sick game whose complex rules only they know. They are the ones who think being smart is all about knowing things and doing stuff and working to the fullest of their abilities. These people do not understand my teachings at all. If you meet a person like this, run away, for my rules have no effect on them. If you find that you can't easily escape, quickly have that person recite as many digits of pi that they know, but then be ready to flee swiftly, because while they may know somewhere up from a hundred digits of pi, they can probably recite them all in seconds. Examples include

  • Fadoir
  • Canadians
  • Alex Trebek (who is also Canadian but deserves his own bullet)
  • Anyone who knows what Ph. D means
  • The person whose test you cheat off of



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