How To Make People Think You're Smart

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Want people to think you're as smart as him?

With the internet, it's possible!

This is the resource for anyone who has ever felt like they were being oppressed by the smart people of the world. After you've finished with this extensive program, you'll no longer need to rely on your outdated brain. You'll be at the top of the heap from now on. No longer will you be turned down for that dream job just because someone more qualified than you came along. No longer will your lack of intelligence hinder your abilities to succeed. You will be a new person. You will be smart.

The main problem with the average person becoming smart is that they think that it is some ultimate goal that requires time and effort. People see becoming smart as a combination of dedication, hard work, studying, and an ability to formulate ideas - aspects that the average person does not normally display. However, after reading the content of this website you will plainly see that being smart is not so much knowing things as much as it is pretending to know what you're talking about.

The Pages

How To Become A Perfect Student - The 10 simple steps you need to follow in everyday school life.

The 10 Basic Rules To Truly Being Smart - This tutorial will tell you the basic things you need to remember on your path to genius.

Smart Links - It's a fact that people always judge how smart you are by the links you have on your website. Here's some smart links to include.

Smart People at a Glance - Want to know how to spot a smart person? This is the resource you'll need.

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